Weather files for fututre climate

Building energy simulation (BES) has become an essential tool in building energy systems’ design and optimization. Since most buildings are designed to last more than half a century, the building design phase should use BES with past and future weather files with hourly data to investigate the effect of climate change on buildings.

ABC 21 developed future weather files for 9 different locations in Europe and Africafreely available to the worldwide building design community to be used in the design of resilient climate projects. These files are available in .epw extension and can be integrated to tools such as energy plus.

Typical Meteorological Year files, containing hourly data, were generated using the Morphing methodology for two future weather periods concerning the years 2050 & 2090. For more details about creating these weather files, check reports D3.4 and D3.6.


DAKAR | senegal
LOMÉ | togo
NAIROBI | kenya
MILAN | italy
VIENNA | austria
RABAT | morocco
MIDELT morocco
LISBON | portugal
SAINT-DENIS | la réunion (fr)

Disclaimer: This information has been gathered as part of the project titled “ABC 21 – Africa-Europe BioClimatic buildings for XXI century”. We state that the project has no responsibility for the misuse of the publicly available information and results published,  nor the impacts it may cause.