ICBMB 2023 conference program

Wednesday, May 3rd 2023

9:00 am – Participant registration and welcoming

Policies for highly energy efficient buildings adopting the bioclimatic approach

Opening Speeches

2:00 pm – Chair of the Conference

2:10 pm – Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano, Prof. Silvia Erba (ABC21 Coordinators) | download here the presentation “Policies for Bioclimatic Buildings”

2:40 pm – President of AUI University

2:55 pm – Mme. Soraya Khalil (Ministry of Habitat Morocco)

3:00 pm – Julien Tami (EU representative, DG Energy)

3:30 pm – Régis Meyer (GABC Global Alliance for Building and Construction (UN))

4:00 pm - Coffee break

4:00 pm – Round table on “Policies for highly Energy Efficient Buildings adopting the Bioclimatic approach”  

6:00 pm – End of Day 1

Thursday, May 4th 2023

Analysis of bioclimatic materials and construction practices and design


9:30 am – Prof. Asmae Khaldoun (Al Akhawayn University) | download here the presentation “Bioclimatic Materials”

9:45 am – Prof. Rachid Bennacer (Paris-Saclay University / ENS Paris-Saclay) | download here the presentation “Building Bioclimatic Materials Challenges

10:00 am – Prof. Mohammed el Ganaoui (University of Lorraine) | download here the presentation “Bioclimatic Architecture”

Coffee break

11:00 am – Discussion

12:00 pm - Lunch break

Indicators and weather files, as Input for the design of buildings and districts


2:40 pm – Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano (Politecnico di Milano) | download here the presentation “Comfort Indicators for Bioclimatic Buildings”

3:15pm – Prof. Dorra Ismail (Ecole Nationale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme, Tuinisia) | download here the presentation “Comment penser notre praxis, enseignement, recherche de l’archtecture?”


4:00 pm – Prof. Mohamed Essaaidi  (ENSIAS College of Engineering) | download here the presentation “Sustainable Smart Cities for SDGs Acceleration”

Coffee break
Friday, May 5th 2023

Bioclimatic buildings and districts: Case studies


9:00 am – Silvia Erba (Politecnico di Milano) | download here the presentation “Case Studies & Thermal comfort Assessment”

9:45 am – Prof. Abderrahim Brakez (University of Cadi Ayyad)

10:00 am – Arch. Mamoun Kadiri Hassani (Morocco) | download here the presentation “Pour des architectures soutenables au Maroc”

Coffee break

11:00 am – Discussion


12:30 pm – End of conference