The Consortium

ABC 21 has gathered a group of specialists that are already actively involved in reducing the environmental footprint of the building design and construction material sectors. The consortium is made up of researchers, public officers and consulting companies scattered throughout Africa and Europe. These are a group of building professionals with a large experience designing and assessing buildings to achieve high energy and comfort performances.

1. Politecnico di Milano (eERG & IETB) – IT

    1.1 UN-Habitat – KE

2. Agence Marocaine de l’Efficacité Énergétique (AMEE) – MO

3. e7 energy innovation and engineering (e7) – AT

4. Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (FC.ID) – PT

    4.1 Ciências – PT

5. Direction de l’Environnement et des Etablissements Classés (DEEC) – SE

6. Ministry of National Territory Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy (MATNUHPV) – MO

7. Université de La Réunion (UR) – FR

8. Ecole Africaine des Metiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme (EAMAU) – TO

9. Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) – MO


Scientific Coordination

The research group eERG at PoliMi is the scientific coordinator, dedicated to research, technology transfer, policy advice and training about the efficient use of energy in buildings.

Administrative Coordination

In charge of the administration and financial aspects of the projects as well as the dissemination and communication. Will also contribute with policy and regulation analysis.


In charge of mapping and identifying training and regulatory infrastructure related to bioclimatic approaches.

Working towards the characterization and development of local sustainable materials, and analysis and development of the value chain.

Dedicated to research and development in field such as building integration of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency technologies, net zero energy buildings and dynamic energy simulation. 

Responsible for testing the developed training tools in its curricula and providing useful feedback.

Working on the assessment of conventional and future weather files, contribute to revisions of the guidelines particularly on the subject of natural ventilation. Will contribute to assessment and discussion about simulation tools in use in N-W Africa.

In charge of documenting building case studies, analysing their approaches and developing improved guidelines based on it.

The DEEC-Ministry of Senegal contribute with the analysis of local resources, value chain and regulation process, especially by providing insights in the needs and potentials of the building sector.

Work on policy analysis and development of an exploitation plan.

The Team



Associate professor 

PoliMi – Italy – Project Coordinator

Physicist, Ph.D. in Energy Engineering, Visiting LBNL in energy economics and regulation. At Politecnico di Milano has created in 1997 and leads a research group on low-energy buildings, comfort models, analysis of energy efficiency technologies and programmes, and efficiency and sufficiency policies (end-use Efficiency Research Group). Has been the supervisor of eight Ph.D. candidates. Has participated in, promoted and directed more than 30 research projects and studies funded by public (e.g. Regional Governments, National Ministries, European Union) and private bodies (e.g. Electric Companies) on various aspects of buildings analysis and simulation, building monitoring, comfort surveys and energy economics and planning, with a special focus on end-use efficiency and sufficiency.

Find his publications on Scopus, Researchgate and Linkedin.

Motto: “Language is a model, a picture of reality”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus 1921


Senior Researcher

PoliMi – Italy – Project Coordinator

Silvia Erba is Senior Researcher in Building Physics at Politecnico di Milano and she holds a M.Sc. degree and a PhD in Building Engineering. Since 2012 she has been conducting research and teaching activities in the field of thermodynamics, building physics and building diagnostics. Her research mainly deals with low and zero energy buildings, performance simulation and thermal comfort under future weather scenarios, occupant behaviour, sustainable materials, energy flexibility and positive energy districts. She has been involved in several European projects dealing with smart buildings and smart cities, deep energy renovation, nearly Zero Energy Buildings, post-occupancy evaluations, energy and IEQ monitoring.


Energy efficiency Engineer

AMEE – Morocco

Nahla El Alaoui, Eng. Energy (Faculty of Sciences and Technology Mohammedia), is an Energy Efficiency Engineer at AMEE. She participates in over three international scientific congresses about energy efficiency, cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning in Morocco where she exposed the multiple technologies used in heating and the benefits of increasing the energy performance of buildings on the energy consumption. Her main area of expertise is HVAC, renewable energies and energy efficiency. Since 2014, she worked on HVAC and plumbing systems design for several buildings such as hotels, administrative buildings, hospitals and residential buildings. She was also the manager engineer responsible for the executing of the HVAC and plumbing systems on site. She starts working at AMEE since 2018 as an Energy Efficiency Engineer. Her main tasks are about implementing energy efficiency solutions in several building projects through setting up energy audits and technical specifications, verification of energy efficiency reports and standards and implementing solar energy projects in sites in several buildings.


Associate Professor

AUI – Morocco

With a PhD at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and a PhD in physical chemistry at Abdel Malek Essaadi University in Morocco
Asmae Khaldune is an Associate Professor of Physics at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco. She was project leader at Avantium technology, Amsterdam The Netherlands and before that worked as a Post Doc at the University of Amsterdam.


Energy efficiency consultant and project manager

e7 – Austria

Susanne Kuchar completed her studies in architecture at the Vienna University of Technology in 2000 and a bachelor’s degree in “Urban Renewable Energy Technologies” at the FH Technikum Wien in 2018. She worked for twelve years in real estate project development and in the realisation of construction projects, where she was responsible for analyses, feasibility studies, quality management as well as planning and planning supervision. Since September 2018, Susanne Kuchar has been working as an energy efficiency consultant and project manager at e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH. Her main tasks are the increase of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in buildings in national and international research and consulting projects.


Arhitect and Urban Planner

EAMAU – Togo

Mr. Gake is an Associate Professor at Ecole Africaine des Metiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme (EAMAU) and the Head of the Institutional Development department. He is an Architect-Urban Planner with a diploma from EAMAU and a master’s degree in Geographic Information System applied to the Mapping at “China University of Geosciences” (CUG). He is an expert trainer and co-coordinates the certifying training “strengthening of capacities of decision-makers and professionals in the urban planning sector, construction and building, to implement the new urban agenda” since 2012. He is also an expert speaker at online seminars organized by the IFDD on the themes of sustainable cities and green energies. Mr. Gake combines the research and expertise of the profession of architect-urban planner, linked to the themes of sustainable cities and environments, which led him to be appointed as a consultant architect to the Togolese Republic within the framework of the Dubai 2021-2022 Universal Exhibition, the general theme of which is “Connecting minds, Building the future”.


Senior Researcher

FC.ID – Portugal

Eng. Physics (IST), MSc (MIT), PhD (University of California in San Diego, UCSD), is an Assistant Professor in Building Energy Systems (DEGGE, since 2010), a Research Scholar at UCSD, Faculty of the MIT Portugal Program, member of the IDL research laboratory and owner of the SME consultancy and design firm NaturalWorks. He has over thirty publications in building energy analysis, natural ventilation design and thermal simulation. His main area of expertise is HVAC and renewable energy system design supported by building energy simulation. Since 2002 he has worked in high performance building designs in the US (San Francisco Federal Building, New York Times Building), Brasil, Mozambique, Italy, France and Portugal. At FCUL he is currently advising five PhD students (including three students in the MIT Portugal Program). At NaturalWorks he leads a team of eight engineers working in HVAC and building integrated renewable energy systems design. He is an expert in HVAC (Portuguese Engineers Association) and a BREEAM International Qualified Accessor.


Senior Researcher

UR – France

Professor of Building Physics at the Faculty of Engineering ESIROI and Senior Researcher at the PIMENT Laboratory, University of La Reunion. He graduated from the French “Grande Ecole” Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1989) and has an MBA in company management. He achieved his PhD in 1997 as a research engineer in the French Public Utility “Electricité de France” in Reunion Island. His main fields of activities are Net Zero Energy Buildings and Communities in the tropics, thermal comfort and Post Occupancy Evaluation. He is a French recognized expert and was the project manager of thermal standards and national research projects focusing on tools and methods for the design of low/net zero energy buildings. He is the former Sub-Task C Leader of the IEA SHC Task 40 EBC Annex 52 “Towards Net-Zero Energy Solar Buildings” and a French national expert in the IEA SHC Task 51 “Solar Energy in Urban Planning”. 2017 he published a book on Solution Sets for Net ZEBs with his colleagues from the IEA Task 40 and gives numerous conferences all over the world on the topic of sustainable and net zero buildings.



DEEC – Senegal

Biologist, holds a diploma in Professional Studies In Depths (DEPA) in Environmental Management from the International Francophone University Leopold Sédar Senghor of Alexandria in Egypt. He has held several positions as: Deputy Director of DEEC Coordinator of the Coastal Erosion Adaptation Project in Senegal’s Vulnerable Areas Coordinator of the National Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector in Senegal (PNEEB) and the Project to Transfer Technology to Produce Building Materials-Based Typha (TYPHA). Focal point of the Global Alliance on Building and Construction (Global ABC) and the Building Energy Efficiency Program (PEEB) GIZ/AFD


Intermediate Officer

MATNUHPV – Morocco

Mr. Ilyas ESSABAI holds an engineering degree in renewable energies and industrial environment,
As part of the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Service team, his main missions are to enhance the uptake of energy efficiency measures and technologies in the buildings and construction sector, to develop technical and guidance tools related to the promotion of energy efficiency technologies at the city and the building level, and to contribute to the preparation, implementation and monitoring of governmental programs, regulations and strategies in the field of energy efficiency and climate change counteracting in the building and construction sector.
Before joining the Ministry of National Territory Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy, He worked as a project Development Engineer with a utility scale power plant developer, specialized in wind and solar projects.