Webinar: Building materials – A hidden heavyweight for the climate

🚨Don’t miss Thursday 📆 March 24th, our webinar about local bio-geo based building materials. Prof. Asmae Khaldoun from AUI-Morocco and Ernest Dione from DEEC-Senegal will share their recent work about types of materials, properties and techniques to improve them. This event is a collaboration with PEEB & GlobalABC.

What is this about?

An area the size of Paris is added to the global built surface every week. The production of building materials and construction activities is responsible for 10% of global emissions from energy. Fast-growing developing countries experience the highest construction activity, especially in Africa and Asia. 

Resource efficiency and circular economy approaches, the use of local sustainable materials and the decarbonisation of conventional materials can massively reduce emissions, as well as the wider use of local geo/bio based materials. Companies across the globe, from large corporations to start-ups, have developed solutions for today’s real-estate markets. Still, dedicated efforts are needed to roll these solutions out at scale. 

During this webinar, a panel of experts will highlight solutions to address embodied carbon and discuss how policy and finance can help them get to scale.

Agenda & Speakers

11:00 CET Opening

11:10 CET Embodied Carbon – A hidden heavyweight for the climate

  • Strategies to address embodied carbon – Key insights from PEEB Paper | Jérémy Bourgault (PEEB)

11:20 CET Strategies to tackle embodied carbon

  • Avoid: resource efficiency and circular economy | Chitra K Vishwanathan, Architect Biome Environmental Solutions, India
  • Shift: local and bio-based materials | Asmae Khaldoun, Al-Akhwayn University, Morocco & Ernest Dione, MEDD Senegal (ABC21 project)
  • Improve: decarbonising conventional materials  |  Marlène Dresch, ACT Initiative & Anupam Badola – Assistant General Manager at Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd, India

12:00 CET Panel discussion

  • How can policy and financing support the decarbonisation of building materials?
  • How can policy support the shift towards the production and use of low-carbon materials?
  • In the absence of good data, how can public and private investments be channelled towards less CO2-intensive construction?

12:25 CET Closure & Final remarks

  • by Jonathan Duwyn, GlobalABC/UNEP

Stay tuned for more updates!

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