UN-Habitat, POLIMI and UR working together on Case Study: UN Building in Nairobi

After many meetings and uncountable hours of online working, partners from Polimi and UN-Habitat got the chance to work together  in Milano.

The meeting was focused on analysing the passive features of the UN-Habitat office building in Nairobi, Kenya and design the monitoring experiment to test the passive features of the building. It has a large central atrium running along the structure, which is elongated in the directions est-west . This allows natural ventilation of the offices facing on one side the external environment and on the other the central atrium, which has wide upper openings and hosts an internal garden. The meeting was the first held in presence between Politecnico di Milano and U-Habitat, for the first time since the inception of the project, 2 years ago, due to the Covid travel and safety restrictions La Reunion University participated to the meeting remotely.


Thanks to the motivation of the Partners the ABC21 project has been up and productive only via virtual meetings. The only physical meeting of all partners will be at the final conference in May 2023

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