Local construction bioclimatic materials – an overview of the technical characteristics, types & manufacturers in NW-Africa & EU

ABC 21 has just published two reports (D2.3 & D3.7) that investigate the supply chain and technical characteristics of local construction materials, mostly bio-geo based and low energy embedded. The study shows that they are not only good options for decarbonising the building sector, but also present good thermal performances

The report D2.3 investigates the infrastructure for the production of construction materials in NW Africa and the EU, with the aim of analysing the needs and potentialities in the building sector. The main properties of these materials are presented, focusing on the insulation properties, in particular, thermal conductivity. These materials can be classified according to their origin of obtainment into three classes: from geological origins (Adobe, Earth plaster, Rammed earth, Compressed earth block, Natural Stone, Cob), from vegetal origins (Straw, Bamboo, Hempcrete, Papercrete) and from animal origins (Wool).

Additionally, report D3.7 investigates the potential of different studied bioclimatic materials as construction materials in Europe and Africa. Earth and clay-based materials are assessed in terms of their mechanical, physicochemical and thermal performances. It also goes through different types of fibrous vegetal and animal ecological materials, such as typha, wool and straw, with obtained findings reflecting their improved lightweight and insulating properties making them bioclimatic building materials with a great potential. A financial assessment is also conducted to evaluate which materials are the most cost efficient. The cost analysis reflects that shaped stone materials are the most expensive bioclimatic materials with an average cost of 280 euro/m² Africa and 550 euro/m² in Europe. While the most cost-efficient options is straw bale averaging at 70 euro/m².

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