Case Studies – report on successful examples of bioclimatic approach in the EU and Africa

The recently published report (D3.8) presents a first list of selected case studies located in the EU and Africa. These buildings are examples of how bioclimatic and energy efficiency principles work in reality. 

There is little record or literature concerning bioclimatic building in warm climate zones. One of the main goals of ABC21 is to cover this information gap – collecting data about operating buildings that are good examples of sustainable solutions and should be replicated. An analysis of the local climate and a description of the main bioclimatic features is presented for each building.

This technical report reviews 12 fully documented case studies of bioclimatic buildings located in Europe and Africa – with data collected from architects and technical experts.

The case studies have been chosen for their ability to give an exemplary realization of the bioclimatic approach, especially in terms of suitability to specific local climate conditions, use of passive cooling and/or passive ventilation, use of energy-efficient systems, natural light gains, use of local materials, with low embedded energy and sustainable production.

This report is the first phase of the work. Further on this year, an additional lest with 12 other case studies will be added into the analysis. The observation and results of this work will be the basis of the Technical Guidelines for bioclimatic buildings published at the end of the ABC 21 project.

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